7th Congregation of Atebubu College of Education

college staff

Atebubu College of Education's 7th congregation which took place on June 29, 2018 at the college Auditorium honoured 535 young Ghanaians.  They are made up of 376 regular 3 – year DBE graduands and 159 4 – year UTDBE graduands.

The ceremony started at 10: 30am with 75% of graduants, all tutors, the Queen mother of Atebubu Traditional Council and sub chiefs, and the MCE of Atebubu Amantin Municipal, and some invited guest in attendance.

The special guest of honour was Professor  Ocansey, the Director of Institute of the University of Cape Coast. 

The Principal of the College Mr. Wayo Zakaria, thanked Professor Ocansey, Director of I O E , U C C,  for the supervisory role and mentorship over the years.  He added that that the Universty is always available in times of need.  U C C has gone beyond examining and Certificate of our products to the quality of the human resource in the Colleges he said. The Principal appealed to the University to further extend its services by way of mounting PHD Programs and other courses at affordable and time friendly so that the staff (both teaching and non-teaching) can take them while working.

The pricipal adviced the graduants to accept postings to rural areas where their services are most needed. He adviced them to be a beacon of hope and light to the rural children who are thirsts for knowledge. They should not be concern with only the schools that they  have been posted to teach, but also relate very well with the members of the Community in which they will find themselves. they should be leaders in the Local Churches, Mosques and the Societies. He further caution them not to over fraternize with the people.

in all, 4 students had first class honours.

The Principal also used the occasion to inform all and Sundry that ATECOE is ready with the introduction of the first degree program in the Colleges of Education.  He said, "Out of the 40 tutors, 37 of them have their second degrees and the remaining 3 are about completing their programs".  The tutors have been part time tutors in Distance Education and Sandwich  first degree programmes of UEW, UCC and Jackson Educational Complex.  So with their experience in the Post Diploma Programmes, in addition to the professional and academic qualification, are more than qualified to handle the B.Ed programmes.

On Staff Devlopment, he said, since staff development is key to successful quality teacher education, management and staff of the College have, in the last few years, pursued various courses, attended a number of workshops, to upgrade themselves academically and professionally to be in time with current trends and changes in teacher education.

For Tutor Professional Development, T-TEL has provided eight(8) sets of training manuals for tutors to develop their skills, knowledge and competencies in delving teaching as Colleges of Education in the new dispensation. 

On challenges, the principal said, Atebubu College of Education is faced with hydra-headed problems. These include poor roads, inadequate bungalows for workers, Science Laboratory and non-availability of water. He mentioned that, the college urgently need an improved road network and called on all and sundry who have the College at heart to come to our aid.  No contribution will be regarded as too small.

A CHPS compound which was renouvated as part of the objectives to be achieved for Payment by Result for the second set of  objectives for T-TEL and a borehole dugged by the College SRC was commissioned.

The college Alumni also cought sored for the construction of a college Clinic in the near future.  

The ceremony ended at 12:30pm.