The Institute Of Education of the University of Cape Coast a mentoring University for Atebubu College of Education organised a 2-day Action Research workshop for the Teaching Staff on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th May 2018.

The workshop which was facilitated by two lecturers of the University:

1. Professor Kankam Boadu, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and 

2. Dr. Isaac Buabeng, Senior Lecturer in Science Education of the Department of Basic Eduction.

Topics included the Meaning of Action Reseach, the importance of Action research and the General overview of Action Research were part of the major areas that were discussed.

Prof. Kankam who introduced the session explained that, Action research is a type of research teachers both in and out of school can not do away with. It is a type of research which we all need in other to solve classroom problems. He then edged all participants to cooperate with the two of them to have a fruitful discussion.

The 2-Day workshop was divided into Four sessions; the first session was on the Background to Actin Research, in this session, tutors were taking througth:

Step 1: observing and selection a research focus

Step 2: Take action(ie. Plan and implement the proceedures to be undertaking)

step 3: Collect and analyse data and

Step 4: Reflect and decide on next action to take.

Session 2.  was mainly on Selecting a Research Focus

Session 3. was on Planning and Implementing An Action Research.

Session 4.Analysiing Action Research Data.

The workshop was very interactive and partiipatory and tutors of ATECOE were very happy with the faciltators since they took time in explaining every point as expected. Tutor saw the activities as very important as it has reminded them in the various processes of Action Research which will help them in the supervision of Project work of the final year students of the college.    

Finally the Principal of the college Mr. Wayo Zakaria, thanked the Facilitators for taken their time in explaining the key processes of the Action Research wich will in tend help in the supervision of the project work of the final year students of the college.

The workshop was moderated by the Professonal Development Coordinator of the College, Mr. Bashiru Amidu.